Thursday, August 7, 2008

As What Will Never Happen Again Comes To Pass…

Tomorrow is 8/8/08. It will never happen again.
As it dawns, and I will be working again, I just awoke from one of the most profound dream sessions I have ever had. These thoughts came to me, and I wanted to get them out while they were still fresh, and at their purest.

I want to walk, not drive, every road in the world with a bag over my shoulder. I believe that by touching feet to the Earth are we able to appreciate where we have been more. I want to physically touch every human being on the planet and learn all I can from them and become worldly. I want to fight the strong and help the weak. I want to push the cowards and execute the evil. I want to remember anger and evil within me so I never forget what it took to overcome it.

I want to sample the food and language of every continent on this planet. I want to aid in a rebellion and bring an end to tyranny. I want to take the chances no one else will, I want to do the things that frighten other people, I want to push the limits of perception and dispel the notion "It can't be done".

I want to walk the line with the abyss below me and the light above me. I want to sit down with God and ask why. I want a life to be filled with joy, laughter, sorrow, and the extremes of every emotion. I want to know a love so deep that it hurts to be away from them. I want to be a light in the darkness, I want an end to cynicism, and I would like to leave my feet and the Earth behind, if only for a moment. I want a battle that pushes me to my breaking point and beyond, I want to look at my opponent and smile.

I want to defy notions of commonality and status quo. I want to show people the power of the human mind and the evidence that God exists, working within all of us.

I want to fight and win without spilling blood. I want the people I love to know I love them. I want to laugh every day. I want to sit down, close my eyes, and exhale.

I want to face my kids and follow my heart where-ever it will take me.

I want peace.

I want to live.