Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Avery K Tingle

Twitter is a Good Thing.

This was inspired by Robert Scoble's most recent post, which you can read here.

Yesterday, me and my girlfriend were sitting on opposing ends of the couch when she said she thought the "Internet should just explode."
Bewildered, I asked her to go on. To summarize, she went on to say how things like Twitter and the like were a colossal waste of time. In fact, she even mentioned that the world had become mired within the internet and emailing, and asked what happened to the days when people picked up a pen and wrote letters. You know, by hand?

I live in the extremes of my emotions. What I wanted to do was grab her by her shoulders and ask her; "What the hell is wrong with you?! How can you NOT understand this?!" I probably brought some of this by myself when a message from my phone meant for Twitter accidentally went to her instead.

My girlfriend is a great girl, and it's a very healthy relationship. She's incredibly old-fashioned and (in what will make or break us) simply cannot understand what people see in video games. For her, reality is it, that's all there is, and there is room for almost nothing else.
It makes for interesting conversation when I earn a living using my imagination.

But after reading Scobleizer's latest blog, I think I can explain it a little clearly without grabbing or shouting.
Like it or not, this porn-saturated, youtube-infested internet is here to stay.
And I'll admit it; I do not understand a lot of the absurd humor. I don't understand why a man who deliberately goes groin-first into a rail gets so much attention. I don't understand why every vacuous blonde with pretty eyes gets so much attention just cause she licks her lips. Okay, I can watch it once. I think the internet these days is filled with about seventy percent bullshit.

But I don't consider Twitter, Friendfeed, MySpace, Facebook, and Youtube a complete waste of time.
All these social networking sites allow you to maintain a friendship even if you two are on other sides of the globe. I think it's awesome that I can simultaneously talk to a friend in Portland and London about the latest Indiana Jones movie.
I think it's amazing that you can upload photos of your trip to the concert from the comfort of your phone. I think it kicks ass that you can stream sessions live from wherever you are directly to the internet. I think it is awesome that I can browse Youtube for my favorite video game cutscenes, string them together and burn them to DVD.

I think it's just plain cool that you can upload the smallest thought and have the world chime in on it.

But from my own perspective?
I love how I can work for someone based in London, collaborate with someone else on the east coast, get paid for it and access my online funds from anywhere in the world.

All bullshit and time-wasting activities aside, the internet is what brings the world together now, and at lightning speed at that.
This blog isn't nearly as good as the one that inspired it, but this is just my take on something that keeps getting better...and worse.
Take it for what you will.

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