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Future Dreams.

You know, I was gonna turn this into this a long-winded tirade about where I've been and where I'm going. I've talked about all that, though.

Sometimes I think my time has passed, and that my ideas originate in a time long gone. I enjoy social networking and IM'ing as much as the next guy, but I hail from the day of arcades, where silver and bronze coins lines noisy cabinets and crowds waited to take their shot at the champ. When, after you beat the holiday stuffing out of the guy next to you, you two would trade tips and handshakes, and then go for a burger at the local McD's or BK or whatever your style was.

I'm managing four projects right now, and I'm only working with one person.

One is a casual game using the Garage Games Torque engine. My partner and I have decided to create a casual-game trilogy that we hope adequately demonstrates the spirit of Modern Magic Enterprises LTD; a story told through three titles that are easy on the wallet and just as easy to pick up as they are to put down. But for this series, the emphasis is more on gameplay than story. This is about proving that we can make games.

The second is the demo to the ultrahypermega title Universal Warrior: Oppression, which I've been hyping since oh, I dunno, forever and a day? This isn't so much about story either as it is proving the game's functionality. Two characters, one background, and fully functional gameplay. It's still gonna cost a lot of money but if my plans are feasible, and I can prove to the world that this kind of title can be done...

We're facing a resurge in the fighting game market. If I don't do it now, I may be in my mid-forties before I get another chance.

The third is the entrant for Make Something Unreal, and this is the furthest along, because at least the script is finished. A five-minute short film in the UW universe, Faithless tells the story of a cynical agent forced to confront her beliefs during a mission that goes disastrously wrong. The script is under review by people close to me (if you want a copy, let me know, I'll take opinions from almost anyone) and slated to begin production in two months.

And finally, the first screenplay I actually intend to attempt to sell is called Batman: Immortal, and is meant to be an animated film. It takes place in near-future Gotham City, in which Bruce Wayne has died and crime has skyrocketed. A mysterious stranger trains an angry youth to assume the mantle, but the boy learns quickly enough that it takes more than brute force to wear the mask.

Now, if you're gonna tell me about the massive uphill road ahead of me, and you wanna keep your comments positive, I'm all for it, but I've been hearing the negative, you-can't-do-its all my life. I'm a black man in middle America trying to do the damn-near impossible. I have an idea as to what I'm in for.

But this is all I know. This is what I'm good at. I think I can do this. I changed my way of thinking over the years. I read EGM now. ;)
So when I wake up, another work week begins. I'll keep posting, and thanks for any support I might get.


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